Secrets behind the success of a saree:

      A sari is not a dress; it is just like a fabric which needs to be draped neatly in a proper way to increase its appearance. We can say this traditional garment of India as a versatile one as it could be worn in different ways like gown, skirt, shorts, and trousers without a single stitch. These sarees are available in a number of fabrics like cottons, pure silks, synthetics etc in different colors.

      A properly draped saree transforms a woman to become stylish, graceful, elegant and sensuous. If you pinup the tip of the sari and let the rest fall on your hand, it looks smart for parties. A falls stitched at the bottom of the sari make the sari more graceful. It is also embellished with gold thread work, cutwork, appliqué work, and embroidery. Indian civilization has placed a tremendous importance on unstitched fabric.

      The belief is unstitched fabric is pure.The success of the Sari is attributed to its total simplicity, practical comfort, and sense of luxury, a woman experiences. A sari is an outfit which reveals as much as it hides. To wear it nicely, practice is needed.

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